Brittany Richards (n9576428)

Throughout this activity interactivity and choices were discussed. Below are some details from the Interactivity-Choice Chart.

Choices Available:

  • The player will have the choice to shoot any objective they choose. The player may choose to shoot the closest or farthermost objective.
  • The player may choose to collect one of many power ups.
  • The player has the choice to shoot the enemy or make the game more difficult by leaving it.

Conveying the Choice through the Interface:

  • Objectives appear near or far for the player.
  • Power ups change the appearance of the game.
  • The players’ score is represented as time displayed on screen.

Actions Available to the Player:

  • Players may collect Power ups
  • Players may shoot objectives, in this case balloons.
  • Players are able to stop the enemy from ‘stealing’ the objective.

Rules that Dictate System Response to Actions: 

  • Power ups last a short amount of time in order to keep balance.
  • Players must shoot the balloons to win.
  • The enemy must attempt to stop the player

The Feedback Provided to Players:

  • Score is presented through a timer displayed on screen.
  • Players are rewarded with Power ups, displayed on screen.
  • Effects that show a player has shot a balloon or enemy.
  • Use of sound.