Aidan Lawson (n9494774)

Playtest Notes from playtest with Genevieve Witherspoon (Team Memebr)

Player Data:

Overall Time played: 5 minutes

Deaths: 4

Key Findings from Playtest 1 (20/03/2017)

  • Need to add sounds to shooting and exploding
  • Need something to happen when player is destroyed
  • Spawning of enemies may have been too fast

Things changed after Playtest:

  • Sounds added for explosions and shooting, made sure to keep the calm balloon aesthetic by having a light popping sound instead of an explosion.
  • Also used same sound clip for player explosion due to the calm idea.
  • Enemy Spawns adjusted to lessen difficulty.


Playtest Notes from playtest with Darlyna Hong (Casual Gamer)


Player Data:

Overall Time played: 5 minutes

Deaths: 2

Comments from Darlyna:

“Game was quite fun, can definitely see it working for children, however I would like the enemies to be more challenging”

“”Visuals were really good for children with the bright colours and confetti explosions”

“I didn’t know what the controls were when I first started and still forgot other times I played, so an instruction may be useful in the menu ”

Things changed after Playtest 2:

  • Enemy spawns were adjusted to be more frequent, also health of different enemy types were adjusted so they aren’t all one hit kills.
  • New Enemies spawning off from the side were added for increased complexity.
  • An instruction text was added to the start menu, so players will understand the controls before beginning the game.

List of Recommendations from both Testers:

  • Difficulty can be optimised especially to suit children (completed)
  • Clear instructions on player controls (completed)
  • Aditional things happening on player death (completed)
  • Sounds on projectiles and explosions (completed)