1. What did you like best about the game?
  2. How long did it feel like you were playing for?
  3. Would you prefer more of less sound?
  4. Are there any suggestions you can make the player experience better for you?
  5. What strategies did you use to kill the enemy?
  6. What would improve your experience playing this game?
  7. How does this game fair compared to other Shoot Em Up games you have played?
  8. If there is something about the game you don’t like, please elaborate. What and Why?
  9. How would you feel if the enemy fought back by shooting?
  10. What power ups would improve the experience of the game for you?



Ten people tested my game aged from 14 to 45 with a wide range of previous game experience ranging from little to extensive, both male and female.

After changing the Skybox just before play testing the GameObjects changed and mysterious bugs appeared. Some good which Confidants suggested to use as a power up like double player at the start of the game until the player lost their first life. This gave the player twice the fire power as one object lay over the second. There was also a random crazy bullet which shot off in what ever direction it fancied. Another bug caused the explosions to be boxes.With all known bugs fixed it was time for more play testing.

Suggested game changes included : Fix bugs,  add timer, add power ups, add more fun and sound. Confidants also made suggestions to add 2 shots to kill a specific enemy, more variety in new enemies, more Sundaes to be spawned.

Script changes included changes to sound for explosions so all the enemy have a unique explosion, Player laser sound to be added, when player lives end the game closes.

Text additions such as a timer, lives counter, opening and closing Gui would finish the game off nicely.