Professional Development and Practice

With little to no skill of how to design or create a game it was a challenge in the beginning which was quickly alleviated by watching the Blackboard tutorials. Even though there were large gaps which were needed to create my game such as adding a Gui, Audio Script, Timers, Visuals for Starting and Ending the game a lot was covered for class convenience leaving me to find my own solutions. Which is where I found Unity has most answers for scripting if you know where to find it although with any new language practice gives you a better understanding. After completing the SHMUP my confidence has developed and I am eager to get stuck into the next project, even start turning my own ideas into reality within the game world.


Studio19 as a Team

Our team’s collaboration achieved a lot in little time. Focus was always repositioned to reach our daily targets while offering each other support and understanding. With the advantage of Facebook, we could communicate regularly. We all started with ideas of grandeur, which was dwarfed into what we could achieve in the time available. It didn’t take us long to find our feet, share experiences, interests and expertise with relation to Game Development. I found Studio19’s ideas to be creative, prototypal while being a little unconventional in ideas. It was exciting. With more time a better product would have been developed.



Having no C# experience prior to starting this subject I found it easy to understand with plenty of information available from Unity to get you out of a jam. Assets from the Unity Store were easily accessible. Any bugs arising from script errors were easily fixed with the assistance of the Unity Community and Manual. My interactions with the Studio19 team members were fruitful with everyone contributing ideas and solutions, helping each other when needed. The perspicacity of creating a SHMUP has opened many opportunities for growth and expansion of knowledge to create more refined a product. I look forward to whatever is in store in the future.


Ethical Considerations

As my game is directed toward small children it was made to be fun, challenging and colorful while fast paced developing fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. With practice a child could develop forward thinking to detect the pattern of the enemy thus killing them faster, saving player lives, making the game last longer. By introducing a scoring system the player can then share their achievement with others competing for the highest score.