The three initial player experience goals that the studio decided on were: Cognitive, remembering, Physical, speed and Physical, agility.



The studio decided on two favorite game ideas, the first being a game where the player is running from ‘dead’ enemies whilst collecting objectives in a temple run style game. The second idea was more fitting for our persona, Bob. The second idea we had was the player is a hero, like a knight who is escaping a dragon. The game involves jumping over obstacles like a traditional scroller type game.



We decided that the final PX goal for mini-game 3 would be based off Heroism. A knight chased by a monster/ enemy through a series of repetitive obstacles and potentially save a princess like character by completing the level.

A list of our ‘Big Ideas’



The reasoning behind the Studio’s decision was influenced by our chosen persona, Bob. We concluded that Bob enjoyed games where there was a will to survive, strategy and being a hero.

Types of PX the Studio are tapping into:

  • Cognitive
  • Physical

PX goals of this nature are important in the context of the two game ideas we’ve shortlisted and the target audience as they allow for a mini-game where the player can feel somewhat heroic. These two PX create a strategic and fast paced environment within the game.