Style and Mood

Mood – Adventurous, Brave, Fulfilling

Style – Medieval/Cartoonish

Fundamental Shape Structures

The main shape structure being used for the game is square. This shape was chosen due to its personification of maturity, stability and stubbornness (Chris Solarski – The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design).

Spatial Dimensions/Size

The levels for the game will be short with goals to progress. These will come in the form of items such as a key.  Initial Ideas of level design below.



The Setting will be a medieval one, so castles and medieval villages with knights and fantasy creatures in the background. A castle wall will be used if an asset can be found or created.

Representation of people and objects

The objects and people will follow the look and feel, so medieval/dark look. The hero will be a knight, trying to save the kingdom and as such will be dressed it armor.

Analysis of look and feel with respect to Bob (target audience)

I feel this look and feel will be extremely well received by Bob. Due to his sense of bravery and honor, both of which are factored heavily into the structure and designs. I also feel Bob will enjoy the choice of squares as the main shape structure due it’s stability and stubbornness.