Summary of Playtest Sessions

Using this my own playtest plan as a guide – playtestplantemplate1

I collected the three main goals

  • Test how immersed the players are, i.e enjoyment, narrative immersion.
  •  Test the item collecting mechanic
  • How effective the PX goals were to the players own experience. (Did they match up) Also how difficult they found the game?

The participants were

  • Darlyna Hong (Casual Gamer)
  • Zac Hong (Pro Gamer)
  • Brittany Richards (Expert)

Evidence of data collected

Transcription from Recordings

-Darlyna (Casual Gamer)

  • Enjoyed the WASD controls, found the f to attack refreshing
  • Found the game to be very engaging for one so simple
  • Would have liked to know what the mushroom pickup did, through a visual queue\

-Zac (Pro Gamer)

  • Found the enemies to be to easy on first level
  • Would like to have a sound on pickup of mushroom
  • Include something interesting in background instead of just a green field.

-Brittany (Expert/Group Member)

  • Did not show up for 3 weeks therefore was not able to get her to playtest


Key Findings

  • Pickup mechanic worked perfectly
  • Game needs certain visual tweaks
  • Enemy difficulty needs to be tweaked
  • Background needs to be interesting


  • Add interesting sounds or objects to background
  • Add pickup noise to mushroom
  • Tweak enemy HP and damage