IGB 100 Reflection – Aidan Lawson n9494774

During this semester, I really developed a much better understanding of just how much content there is online for learning game development. I approached the start of the semester with fear due to never having used unity before, this quickly changed as I kept learning through practicals and Youtube videos. The general knowledge from previous programming subjects allowed me to grasp c# scripting quite fast. I found the Youtube videos on blackboard to be extremely helpful, allowing to constantly watch exactly how to do something and research why if it wasn’t clearly explained.


I think the biggest skill I have gained through this subject is resilience. After losing heavy marks from the second cycle due to illness and university clerical errors, I didn’t get phased and kept pushing through. I again was able to push through my other team mate not showing up to the last 3 weeks of cycle 3. I can honestly say that I have tried 3 times harder than I needed to and I am extremely happy with the effort and resilience I put in this semester.


There was not much team communication initially so I created a Facebook group so we could talk more. This helped for a while, and proved extremely useful at times. I think I needed to stick up for myself more and be firmer with my other group member making sure they do something. I am eagerly looking forward to applying the fixes to what went wrong with my group to following subjects.


I think my group lacked a lot of motivation at times and possibly didn’t act in an ethical work manner at times. In terms of work completed I found it extremely difficult for my other group member to help, due to their absences. They achieved their blog posts mostly so I am grateful they kept to those specified tasks. In terms of honesty I think the group was not too honest in terms of time away, if illness was truly a factor then doctors notes and timely notice should be supplied to other group members if possible. I think I actively tried my hardest to catch up after my own severe illness (medical cert provided to university) during cycle 2. However, I am still regretful on just how long my illness took me out of duty. In terms of reasonable participation, I cannot with good conscience say my only other group member pulled their weight especially in the last cycle, which was apparently able to be completed in groups.