Reflection Post (Brittany Richards, n9576428) — March 26, 2017

Reflection Post (Brittany Richards, n9576428)

Professional Development and Practice:

The skills that I currently have matched the tasks required quite well. I have previously completed a unit of work similar to this cycle. I wouldn’t mind developing some better time management skills or better problem solving skills. I was able to approach new tasks with ease whilst handling new information well. Working with a group definitely made learning new things easier as you are able to share interpretations. This activity affirms what I think about a future career in game development through the group work involved.
Working in a Team:

Brain storming has to be one of the most effective strategy for managing team activities. Brainstorming allows everyone to share their idea and then allows for bigger and better ideas. Working with people from diverse backgrounds who have different interests and abilities allowed our studio group to further develop our game concept as every idea was different. Managing communication was not a problem as everybody had access to social media or were able to meet on campus. Feedback from team members was always constructive and useful.

Working Independently:

Staying motivated if definitely a huge issue for me, throughout this cycle I started off well but couldn’t stay motivated. Motivation is one thing I aim to improve throughout the next cycle. My work habits were mostly effective but could be further improved with better motivated. Balancing individual work within a team- orientated space was easily done as work was evenly spread between members. Facing challenges is my weakest aspect. Without the work of my studio group I wouldn’t have been able to break down problems as well as we did.


 Ethical Considerations:

In terms of societal impact that this game may have, it may develop hand eye coordination in young players. It could be said that by creating social interaction through competitive play, the quality of life may be enhanced.