Cycle 3 Reflection (Aidan Lawson n9494774) — June 4, 2017

Cycle 3 Reflection (Aidan Lawson n9494774)

IGB 100 Reflection – Aidan Lawson n9494774

During this semester, I really developed a much better understanding of just how much content there is online for learning game development. I approached the start of the semester with fear due to never having used unity before, this quickly changed as I kept learning through practicals and Youtube videos. The general knowledge from previous programming subjects allowed me to grasp c# scripting quite fast. I found the Youtube videos on blackboard to be extremely helpful, allowing to constantly watch exactly how to do something and research why if it wasn’t clearly explained.


I think the biggest skill I have gained through this subject is resilience. After losing heavy marks from the second cycle due to illness and university clerical errors, I didn’t get phased and kept pushing through. I again was able to push through my other team mate not showing up to the last 3 weeks of cycle 3. I can honestly say that I have tried 3 times harder than I needed to and I am extremely happy with the effort and resilience I put in this semester.


There was not much team communication initially so I created a Facebook group so we could talk more. This helped for a while, and proved extremely useful at times. I think I needed to stick up for myself more and be firmer with my other group member making sure they do something. I am eagerly looking forward to applying the fixes to what went wrong with my group to following subjects.


I think my group lacked a lot of motivation at times and possibly didn’t act in an ethical work manner at times. In terms of work completed I found it extremely difficult for my other group member to help, due to their absences. They achieved their blog posts mostly so I am grateful they kept to those specified tasks. In terms of honesty I think the group was not too honest in terms of time away, if illness was truly a factor then doctors notes and timely notice should be supplied to other group members if possible. I think I actively tried my hardest to catch up after my own severe illness (medical cert provided to university) during cycle 2. However, I am still regretful on just how long my illness took me out of duty. In terms of reasonable participation, I cannot with good conscience say my only other group member pulled their weight especially in the last cycle, which was apparently able to be completed in groups.

Cycle 3, Activity 7 – Playtest Report (Aidan Lawson n9494774) —

Cycle 3, Activity 7 – Playtest Report (Aidan Lawson n9494774)

Summary of Playtest Sessions

Using this my own playtest plan as a guide – playtestplantemplate1

I collected the three main goals

  • Test how immersed the players are, i.e enjoyment, narrative immersion.
  •  Test the item collecting mechanic
  • How effective the PX goals were to the players own experience. (Did they match up) Also how difficult they found the game?

The participants were

  • Darlyna Hong (Casual Gamer)
  • Zac Hong (Pro Gamer)
  • Brittany Richards (Expert)

Evidence of data collected

Transcription from Recordings

-Darlyna (Casual Gamer)

  • Enjoyed the WASD controls, found the f to attack refreshing
  • Found the game to be very engaging for one so simple
  • Would have liked to know what the mushroom pickup did, through a visual queue\

-Zac (Pro Gamer)

  • Found the enemies to be to easy on first level
  • Would like to have a sound on pickup of mushroom
  • Include something interesting in background instead of just a green field.

-Brittany (Expert/Group Member)

  • Did not show up for 3 weeks therefore was not able to get her to playtest


Key Findings

  • Pickup mechanic worked perfectly
  • Game needs certain visual tweaks
  • Enemy difficulty needs to be tweaked
  • Background needs to be interesting


  • Add interesting sounds or objects to background
  • Add pickup noise to mushroom
  • Tweak enemy HP and damage


Cycle 3, Activity 5: Interactivity and Choice (Aidan Lawson n9494774) —

Cycle 3, Activity 5: Interactivity and Choice (Aidan Lawson n9494774)

Goal Hierarchy Diagram

Initial Diagram


Challenge 1 Questions

Defeat the enemies

  • The game gives the player some text indicating enemies must be defeated.
  • The player can attack with their weapon to damage the enemy until eventually killing it
  • Game will not allow the player to progress until enemies have been defeated
  • The enemies remaining text in the top left will decrease when each enemy is eliminated allowing the player to track progress and know when they can progress.

Challenge 2 Questions

Collect the key

  • The game gives the player some text indicating key must be collected.
  • The player can run into the key collecting it
  • The player cannot continue to the next level without the key
  • An icon will appear in the bottom right when the player has collected the key



Cycle 3, Activity 2 – Look and Feel (Aidan Lawson – n9494774) —

Cycle 3, Activity 2 – Look and Feel (Aidan Lawson – n9494774)

Style and Mood

Mood – Adventurous, Brave, Fulfilling

Style – Medieval/Cartoonish

Fundamental Shape Structures

The main shape structure being used for the game is square. This shape was chosen due to its personification of maturity, stability and stubbornness (Chris Solarski – The Aesthetics of Game Art and Game Design).

Spatial Dimensions/Size

The levels for the game will be short with goals to progress. These will come in the form of items such as a key.  Initial Ideas of level design below.



The Setting will be a medieval one, so castles and medieval villages with knights and fantasy creatures in the background. A castle wall will be used if an asset can be found or created.

Representation of people and objects

The objects and people will follow the look and feel, so medieval/dark look. The hero will be a knight, trying to save the kingdom and as such will be dressed it armor.

Analysis of look and feel with respect to Bob (target audience)

I feel this look and feel will be extremely well received by Bob. Due to his sense of bravery and honor, both of which are factored heavily into the structure and designs. I also feel Bob will enjoy the choice of squares as the main shape structure due it’s stability and stubbornness.

Updated Game Submission — May 7, 2017
Reflection —


  1. What did you learn about professional development by going through the design process?

I have learned this cycle the importance of group communication and that unforeseeable circumstances such as continued illness can majorly impact a development cycle.

  1. What did you learn about the other majors in the degree by working in mixed teams?

I now find that programming is a lot more enjoyable than it was in the first cycle once I understand why the code is being used it allows for a smoother process.

  1. What did you implement in your own individual work that you found the most satisfying?

I found creating the building in the centre of my level to be the most satisfying as it gave me a chance to explore blender and unity’s asset designing much further.

  1. Do you think that there are any ethical issues attached to designing a First Person Experience inspired by recent events?

The ethical issues attached to designing a game based on recent events could be bias. As the news stories that the game is based on could be slanted to a particular view. My game is a perfect example of this, being based on the recent articles of games such as Outlast 2 being banned in Australia.


This cycle had many problems due to mainly illness and due to that illness communication breakdown between members. The game was tweaked from initial ideas to be based around a group of robots sent by gamers to stop the banning of the games featured on the walls of the center building. However I feel that with the time we had (not sick) to work on the cycle we achieved an impressive feat. I have learnt from this experience and hope to improve my own assertiveness and communication skills much further in the next cycle.

Activity 6: Playtest Plan — April 24, 2017
Player Objects & Stories (Cycle 1, Activity 2 & 3 Studio Work) — March 26, 2017
Contributions Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774) —
Reflection Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774) —

Reflection Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774)


Professional development and practice:

Coming into this assessment my skills in the necessary field of coding were in a much needed touch up. Within the first two weeks I started to grasp the hang of c# scripts, having rarely used the language before. This cycle showed me that I can overcome these skill gaps through consistent effort. The help of the tutors really allowed me to gain a deep understanding of what each piece of code was actually doing. This cycle encouraged me to jump into using a language (c#) and program (unity), that I have had very little interaction with, to create something I have loved since childhood.

I would definitely like to keep studying more c# scripts to really catch up in an extremely important area of game design. I acknowledge that through this cycle truly understanding code will make my future as a game much more enriching.


Working in a team:

Communication within our studio was very informative to the overall concept of designing our game. Through the use of consistent effective brainstorming and analysis, our group met each activity strong and with critical thinking. The team made my opinion feel validated a very hard task to do in groups usually, I was extremely grateful for their ideas and help. Communication within the group was fast and efficient due to our Facebook groups and campus meetings.


Working Independently: 

My own confidence in my abilities were the major problem I encountered in working on this cycle. Due to my inexperience with coding and unity, I originally felt that I could not create this shmup. However with the extremely helpful video tutorials both in the subject and online I found my footing and was able to continue working. I always find on any design project the hardest part being coming up with something I would enjoy creating and that the group also likes. This however was not a problem and the group work we completed together really got me through the initial planning phase with ease.


Ethical Considerations:

My shmup may allow children who don’t normally enjoy fast paced games, the opportunity to problem solve and critically analyse at faster rates. Allowing in their own personal and academic, even eventually professional growth.