Cycle 1 (SHMUP), Activity 1: PX Goals — March 5, 2017

Cycle 1 (SHMUP), Activity 1: PX Goals

Aidan Lawson (n9494774)

Studio 19 came up with 3 different PX goals that could apply to our new SHMUP project. We seemed to focus on the idea that traditional SHMUP games were very chaotic. However we felt like a more strategic or analytical style could be fun to make. We were interested in experimentation to make the game more competitive for the player also.


We merged the two bottom PX goals, to form our main PX goal for our game. We liked the idea of critical analysis leading to competitive goals.


This PX goal features the following aspects:

  • An emotional aspect through the player to calmly choose their strategy.
  • This game will have a heavy focus on cognitive experience such as analysing and predicting enemy activity.
  • A creative aspect of experimentation will be required to have the fastest finishing time each level.
  • Competition will also be a social experience for the player, trying to be the fastest player to finish each level.


We decided that the usual brass trigger happy schmup, was not what we were after. We want to create a more strategic experience, rewarding the player for critical thinking, while still retaining the core ideals of a schmup. This game could risk alienating casual players that just want to mindlessly shoot something, however we feel that there will be a lot of players who would like a more strategic and competitive experience. Thorough playtesting of our schmup will allow us to find the right blend of strategy and experimentation, while making sure to remain engaging to more casual players.