Contributions Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774) — March 26, 2017

Contributions Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774)

Assets used from Asset Store:

Party Pack (Balloon models, confetti for explosions, popping sound)

Retro Sci-Fi Pack (Engine Sounds}

Classic Skyboxes (Blue Skybox)


Help with understanding Code:

Tutorials for IGB100 on blackboard

Unity Space Shooter Tutorials

gamesplusjames (Youtuber) 2D Platformer Playlist

Reflection Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774) —

Reflection Post (Aidan Lawson, n9494774)


Professional development and practice:

Coming into this assessment my skills in the necessary field of coding were in a much needed touch up. Within the first two weeks I started to grasp the hang of c# scripts, having rarely used the language before. This cycle showed me that I can overcome these skill gaps through consistent effort. The help of the tutors really allowed me to gain a deep understanding of what each piece of code was actually doing. This cycle encouraged me to jump into using a language (c#) and program (unity), that I have had very little interaction with, to create something I have loved since childhood.

I would definitely like to keep studying more c# scripts to really catch up in an extremely important area of game design. I acknowledge that through this cycle truly understanding code will make my future as a game much more enriching.


Working in a team:

Communication within our studio was very informative to the overall concept of designing our game. Through the use of consistent effective brainstorming and analysis, our group met each activity strong and with critical thinking. The team made my opinion feel validated a very hard task to do in groups usually, I was extremely grateful for their ideas and help. Communication within the group was fast and efficient due to our Facebook groups and campus meetings.


Working Independently: 

My own confidence in my abilities were the major problem I encountered in working on this cycle. Due to my inexperience with coding and unity, I originally felt that I could not create this shmup. However with the extremely helpful video tutorials both in the subject and online I found my footing and was able to continue working. I always find on any design project the hardest part being coming up with something I would enjoy creating and that the group also likes. This however was not a problem and the group work we completed together really got me through the initial planning phase with ease.


Ethical Considerations:

My shmup may allow children who don’t normally enjoy fast paced games, the opportunity to problem solve and critically analyse at faster rates. Allowing in their own personal and academic, even eventually professional growth.


Game Prototype Link —
Playtest Report (Cycle 1, Activity 7) —

Playtest Report (Cycle 1, Activity 7)

Aidan Lawson (n9494774)

Playtest Notes from playtest with Genevieve Witherspoon (Team Memebr)

Player Data:

Overall Time played: 5 minutes

Deaths: 4

Key Findings from Playtest 1 (20/03/2017)

  • Need to add sounds to shooting and exploding
  • Need something to happen when player is destroyed
  • Spawning of enemies may have been too fast

Things changed after Playtest:

  • Sounds added for explosions and shooting, made sure to keep the calm balloon aesthetic by having a light popping sound instead of an explosion.
  • Also used same sound clip for player explosion due to the calm idea.
  • Enemy Spawns adjusted to lessen difficulty.


Playtest Notes from playtest with Darlyna Hong (Casual Gamer)


Player Data:

Overall Time played: 5 minutes

Deaths: 2

Comments from Darlyna:

“Game was quite fun, can definitely see it working for children, however I would like the enemies to be more challenging”

“”Visuals were really good for children with the bright colours and confetti explosions”

“I didn’t know what the controls were when I first started and still forgot other times I played, so an instruction may be useful in the menu ”

Things changed after Playtest 2:

  • Enemy spawns were adjusted to be more frequent, also health of different enemy types were adjusted so they aren’t all one hit kills.
  • New Enemies spawning off from the side were added for increased complexity.
  • An instruction text was added to the start menu, so players will understand the controls before beginning the game.

List of Recommendations from both Testers:

  • Difficulty can be optimised especially to suit children (completed)
  • Clear instructions on player controls (completed)
  • Aditional things happening on player death (completed)
  • Sounds on projectiles and explosions (completed)


Creating a Playtest Plan (Cycle 1, Activity 6) —